80х80 cm - 2020
The "Cloudy" series of works were created during the transition period between 2020 and 2021.
Behind the simplest name is a metaphor for our life path: "Cloud state" - it meets the light stages and darker times
Endless questions and search for answers to each of them.
Sometimes this search lasts for years, sometimes the answer comes during the question.
Clouds are situations, moments that we face every day.
They are scattered, but together they create an interesting and rich path that lasts a lifetime.
The woman standing against the wall
80х100 cm - 2021
80х80 сm - 2020
This series of works has an unusual property -
they bring the observer into a state of inner harmony and serenity

The artist's reflections are transmitted to the viewer, who cannot look away, continuing to plunge endlessly into this ephemeral world
Lying down
80х100 cm - 2021
Smooth black
52х47 cm - 2020
This abstract painting was inspired by the concept of minimalism. When we give up everything superfluous, we get much more. Even the universe is almost monochrome - and it contains everything in the world. Rich transitions of light and shadow symbolize this concept
Wake me up
60х70 cm - 2020
A painting from a series of abstract landscapes in an elegant monochrome blue and white tones. White, soft, which is combined with any minimalistic interior.
This is an impressive picture, gives a sense of calm and peace
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Space waterfall
62 x 57 cm - 2018
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The force of gravity
80 x 100 cm - 2021
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White mountains
70х70 см - 2020г

I am always inspired by nature and what surrounds me. This work was created in may 2020 during the quarantine. It was created from memories and was intended to give the peace and tranquility that we experience on a journey. Next to this work of art, you can feel high in the mountains, even without leaving your room
The universe is in your arms
140х90 cm - 2020
This is a philosophical reflection on the spiritual path of each person. A girl with self-portrait features of the author, floating with the flow of life. Dark blue contrasts of water with a multi-layered background add a sense of mystical and unexplored space. Stars symbolize the space of options in life. The entire work is illuminated by the moonlight
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The Great wave
85х85 cm - 2018
The work is made in a complex multi-layered technique that forms a solid image in front of the viewer.
Each shade makes its way through several textures that create an unusual feeling of sea radiance.
This effect was achieved by the artist to convey the changing sea surface, in the reflection of which everyone can see themselves.

Day after day, our life is moving forward, gaining momentum. Like a wave, it then confidently comes, bringing with it strength, then smoothly retreats, taking with it the grains of doubt and the fatigue of the day.

Plunged into the maelstrom of events you understand:
"Everything starts over, everything repeats itself again - and this is the constancy of the simplest, most natural, and deepest beauty"
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75х75 cm - 2020
Thie portrait was inspired by youth and the pure light beauty that came from that girl. She reminded me of Botticelli's women. White symbolizes her openness to the world - she wants to enter into this dialogue, not knowing what awaits her next. But she's brave enough to do it
Evening in Saint Petersburg
49х49 cm - 2020
A painting from a series of abstract landscapes in elegant monochrome blue and white tones. White, soft, which is combined with the minimalistic interior. This is an impressive picture, gives a sense of calm and peace
Morning in the woods
115x85 cm - 2021
Beyond the sea - Somewhere
105х75 cm - 2021

"I immerse myself in the sunset, of this day almost over, while the waves of the sea bring me to the thought of you, like the sails, of those boats pushed by the sea breeze, they go towards the horizon, disappearing.

The golden reflections of the sun's rays, which immerse themselves in the sea, with a sky rich in colors and shades, bring me back to the memory of your hair, so fragrant and thick, that the wind moved dragging them on your face, and I am enchanted by this vision, I tried to move them, to see your bright face again.

Everything seems to want to bring me back to you, so far away and so present inside me, with memories, as I step on the hot sand, which accompanies me, in this walk in thoughts, of a love, now over"
- Charlie Pat Johan Wall
Our wisdom and faith
85х60 cm - 2021
Days of silence
100х70 cm - 2021
The philosophy of "Wabi-Sabi".
Perfection in non-ideality.

The fragility of the world is in every fragment, in all its flaws. This feeling is an endless source of inspiration for me.

Nature teaches us that beauty is in fleeting changes of state, in subtle emotions, in continuous walking on the edge. There are no two identical leaves, no two identical branches, and no two identical trees. Nature is asymmetrical and unique.

And every day, every hour, the whole world is in constant motion, it takes on new, unimaginable forms and phenomena, moving in its own rhythm, representing a symbol of perfection and harmony.

A flawless, perfect world,
for whom is it?
Stay here
85х85 cm - 2021
A walk in the mountains is calming, it makes a person realize his thoughts and feelings. Allows you to do this in a measured and calm way

Everyone knows that the landscapes of mountains and forests have a healing effect. Maybe it's the deep green tones that help you feel at one with nature, or maybe the mountains themselves make those who look at their peaks feel those forgotten mechanisms that preserve health and restore strength.

With his painting, the artist not only conveys these feelings, she asks the viewer to stay in this state as long as possible.
80х100 cm - 2021
80х80 cm - 2021
Full bloom
85х85 cm - 2021
100х70 cm - 2021
In this simple word, we can see a series of images and feel a certain aesthetic.
These are exactly the thoughts that the artist seeks to convey.
The work consists of subtle nuances of carefully selected shades of white light, flowing from the painting and illuminating the room.
The soft golden light
does not allow the viewer to focus on certain details,
it takes away with it, freeing up thoughts and feelings for something new, bright, beautiful
Wind in silence
100х70 cm - 2021
In the midst of silence, a light wind blew. The wind brought life with it, filled your mind with new ideas and opportunities. With a soft breath, he whispered:
"You know what you're doing. You can do anything. Everything will come true"
Path of solutions
150х100 cm - 2021
Sometimes, in order to create something, you need to destroy something. I train myself to move away from the usual techniques, immerse myself in the new and approach each work with an open heart and soul.

This was an unusual order for me. It was technically and energetically difficult

First, there are very tight deadlines.
In a week, I went all the way from creating sketches and approval to the finished work. A professional knows that it is not easy to create a 150x110 cm work from scratch with such textures and details.

Secondly, this picture is for a man, it will be located in the office of the head of a large industrial company. The character had to be harsh, masculine, industrial.
Natural subjects are closer to me.
But I created an image that I liked. And it fully reflects the meaning inherent in it

By experimenting, studying new technologies, textures - I'm going my own way.
I fell in love with the imperfections and uniqueness of each stroke, shade and hand-drawn line.

I am very happy with the result
Through the wild grasses
100х70 cm - 2021
How many lessons do you need to go through to get to know yourself for real.

Like wild grasses, they can be sharp and angry, test the traveler for resistance. They can heal. Or just gently tickle your feet, pointing the right way

If I had seen my future a few years ago, I would have been very happy.
The lessons are completed. Putting aside doubts and fears, I am here.
I go my own way and I do it with love
Manifesto of life
100х100 cm - 2021
My character is a metaphor for the manifestation of Life, she interacts with nature, is a part of it. This is a collective image of a woman and her relationship with the world. Open and serene in its harmony. What happens if we destroy it?
Don't be afraid of your desires
85х85 cm - 2021
"Don't be afraid of your desires"

You know about your inner light, but what about the inner shadow?
It is impossible to become a whole person while you deny it.

The heroine of this work is both afraid of her desires and wants to fulfill them. She strives to find a balance, which is not easy.
At first it seems that dark thoughts will capture her.
But then we see a clean canvas on the left side of the picture, a bright circle-the sun and a barely noticeable bloom at the bottom.
These symbols foreshadow the flowering of personality.

This is a story about development. Of course, with a happy sequel.
Create or destroy?
60х90 cm - 2022
Are we creators or destroyers?
Are we bringing any benefit, or are we just taking resources?
We are drawn to beauty and want to touch the delicate, just blooming flowers. Will we take them for ourselves or leave them to bloom?
The red color resembles a blazing fire.
Contrary to our feelings of danger, it symbolizes the energy of life.

Because it's not destruction that awaits us, but renewal.
A new beginning